The town of Castlegar is dramatically situated on the west bank of the Columbia river where the Columbia and Kootney Rivers meet. Castlegar’s proximity to the Columbia River, and it’s many dams which generate electricity for all North Americans, has given the town the nickname 
The best “DAM” city in the world!

The flatlands’s on the Columbia’s east bank were first occupied in 1908 by the Doukhobors, a pacifist group of Russian immigrants who constructed some of the earliest of Castlegar’s 7 bridges. Their history and heritage remain visible throughout Castlegar, and can be enjoyed with a visit to the Doukhobor Village Heritage Museum.

Now a thriving and ever changing community, Castlegar continues to grow and reap the rewards of it’s current revitalization programs. Guests to Castlegar will enjoy new amenities and a developing modern infrastructure.

Castlegar welcomes it’s visitors to the “Heart of the Kootenays” with a host of recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. Spectacular Kayaking and Whitewater rafting can be enjoyed on the rapids of the Slocan River.

And don’t forget to keep your binoculars handy as you may see blue heron, sandpipers, ducks, osprey, deer, elk, bear and herds of mountain sheep.

Any time of year Castlegar welcomes you to visit the beautiful British Columbia Kootneys.

Population : 7,393
Elevation : 494 m (1621 ft.)
Average July Temperature : 20ºC (68ºF)
Average January Temperature : -3ºC (26ºF)
Annual Rainfall : 53 cm (21 in.)
Annual Snowfall : 225 cm (88 in.)